Flat Mail

Tri-County Letter/Parcel Presort Service, Inc. (TCLPPS) offers presorting services for flat and large-size envelopes.  TCLPPS utilizes a manifesting procedure allowing our customers mail to receive discounted postage costs regardless of the many shapes and weights to their larger size mail envelopes.

This automation procedure lets our clients skip the step of applying postage to their mail pieces.  Flat and large envelope mail has weight breaks by the ounce in determining rates, costs and charges, same as letters.  The difference is, as TCLPPS weighs each piece, a label is produced uniquely identifying each piece.  This label is applied to the mail piece in the upper right corner with the sorting destination, automation barcode and mailing permit number.  Each label has a number identifying the envelope and the determined postage on the USPS manifest.  This discounted postage is paid out of an account at the USPS.  This process allows our clients and members an efficient and easy solution to the handling and postage costs of larger envelopes.

With flat automation, some funds will be paid up front prior to each month of processing by our clients.  A special report is created and sent in the monitoring of daily, weekly, monthly volume of flats and large envelopes sent to the post office.  Postage cost breakdowns are recorded for your company and its departments with a balance showing all transactions.  Samples of the process and documentation can be sent and explained further with a quick phone call or email message to TCLPPS.

Large Envelopes (Flats):   A flat would exceed at least one of these dimensions shown below.


Note: Not shown is thickness, which is 1/4 inch minimum and 3/4 inch maximum.