Standard Mail

Tri-County Letter/Parcel Presort Service offers automation and presort fulfillment services for standard mailings. Listed below are a few of the basic size and dimensions for a standard “bulk” mailing.

Standard Mail and Bulk Mail are letters sent by businesses and organizations to addresses with information, offers, directions, reminders or time response dates. These letters, however, can not include personal information, financial numbers, or bill amount due requests.  Standard mail may, at times, have a slower delivery, especially if addresses are over long distances.  Addresses within a close range will not have any delivery issues and will normally be delivered in the same time frame as first class mail.  USPS policies pertaining to mail forwarding and returning is limited.  Standard mail, at times, will not be forwarded or returned unless it is requested with a mailing endorsement.  Utilizing Move Update services and information from Tri-County Letter/Parcel Presort Service, Inc. can eliminate many problems and errors with mailing lists, ensuring your company and organization mailings get to the customers you are looking to attract.

Whether the mail piece is a postcard, a letter, a folded self mailer, or a letter envelope – postage costs are determined by weight and zip-code presort levels. One extra benefit with standard mail is letters receive the same weight costs for the first 3 ounces, unlike first class mail.  In general, standard mail will cost about half of the postage of first class mail.

We can offer Bound Printed Matter mailing services if necessary.